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Willie Nelson’s Famous Guitar


Yes, I know Trigger is not a human being but we still think he’s so special he deserves his own “biography”.  So we hope you enjoy reading about Trigger's journey and partnership with Willie Nelson.


Nothing embodies the Willie Nelson sound more than his guitar Trigger – a classic Martin N-20 (except his voice, of course).


The guitar is probably the most famous and recognizable musical instrument in existence. When asked why his guitar is named Trigger, Willie explains: “Roy Rogers had a horse named Trigger. I figured: “This is my horse!”


Willie Nelson bought his first Martin guitar sight unseen in 1969. He’s remarked about how he remembers the circumstances of that first purchase. The Baldwin company gave him a Baldwin amp and classical electric guitar with a special three-cord stereo pickup. He busted that guitar pretty badly so he sent it to Shot Jackson in Nashville to get it fixed.


Shot called Willie back and said, ‘I can’t fix it. It’s broke too bad.’ So Willie asked what else he had around? Shot said he had a Martin up on the shelf for $750. Willie asked him if he could put that same Baldwin pickup in the Martin. Shot said he could and that’s how Willie got it, unseen and right off the shelf.


When Willie got it he said he knew he had gotten something special. He just enjoyed sitting around in a room and playing it, writing on it, and most importantly, he just liked the sound of it.


Photographs taken throughout Willie’s career show the gradual evolution of Trigger from its original pristine condition to its current, shall we say, well worn look! Trigger has been played so much over the years that a sizable hole that’s worn right through the top and he won’t have it repaired. Besides, wouldn’t that be like fixing the crack in the Liberty Bell….


This guitar is so special that the Martin Guitar Company announced in July of 1998 they would manufacture a Limited Edition Signature Model N-20WN guitar.


This guitar was a collaboration with Willie. The N-20WN is a replica of Willie Nelson’s beloved guitar.


The replica guitar was only sold through authorized Martin dealers and distributors. C. F. Martin & Co. announced at the time they would make up to but not exceeding 100 of the Willie Nelson N-20WN Limited Edition Signature Models.


In addition, Willie estimates that he has 100 signatures on his Martin including those of Leon Russell, Roger Miller, Kris Kristofferson, Gene Autry, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, lawyers, football coaches, and other friends and associates.


During his well publicized “discussions” with the Internal Revenue Service, Willie was so concerned that they might try to take Trigger away from him that he hid it at his manager’s house for safe keeping. And we’re all glad he did!


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